We aim to keep your experience at Eye Contacts a friendly yet thorough process from start to finish!

Your Eye Examination will be carried out by our fully qualified and GOC registered Optometrist, who has over 20 years experience testing eyes. To start with, we will ask about your overall lifestyle and health and any relevant family history, in addition to identifying any questions or areas of concern you may be aware of. Our comprehensive Eye Examination will assess your vision along with providing an in-depth health check of your eyes.

The Eye Test Chart or Snellen Chart is used to measure the clarity of vision, commonly referred to as Visual Acuity. Your Optometrist will ask you to identify letters on the chart in various sizes whilst using a selection of lenses to asses your visual corrective needs. Your Optometrist will also assess the health of your eyes using an Ophthalmoscope, which works by illuminating the interior of the eye. Visual Field testing is a further assessment which may be carried out if it is considered necessary. This test subjectively measures the entire scope of vision, centrally and peripherally.

Using a Slit Lamp to magnify the front of your eye, we can observe the exterior of the eye and check the health of your eyelids, eyelashes, cornea, iris, lens and the anterior chamber (the fluid between your cornea and iris).

We can also utilise Digital Retinal Photography, which is valuable for charting the development or changes of certain ocular conditions using high-resolution retinal imaging.

Your Optometrist will explain and discuss the outcome of the Eye Examination and answer any queries you might have.

Following on from your eye examination, our helpful and friendly team of Dispensing Opticians and Optical Advisors will then be on hand to guide you through the next stage of the process. We hope you will enjoy your time with us here at Eye Contacts!

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